Equipment Finance is used to purchase any new or used equipment for your business. Equipment finance takes the form of loans, leases, hire purchase and rental agreements which are discussed in more detail below.

Some examples of equipment include heavy machinery, medical equipment, agricultural equipment, computers, catering equipment and anything else your business may require. 
If you own equipment outright, you can also use this equipment as security to raise capital for your business via a sale and leaseback.
Maximum Loan 
Up to 100% of 
Equipment Value
Loan Term
1 - 10 Years
Interest Rates
Starting at 4.09%
Time to Fund
As little as 1 day


  • Fast Funding
  • Equipment Acts as Security for Loan
  • Options Available for Bad Credit
  • Tax Efficient Solutions Available


  • Equipment May Depreciate Faster Than Loan Is Repaid 
  • Second Hand Equipment Can Attract High Rates
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